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Invisible Blogger Podcast

My dear friend DJ Cline and I are starting a podcast. We’ll be featuring lively conversations on a range of topics, spiced with humor, obscure quotes and many many inferences! … Read More


  Listening to John Prine’s performance of ‘Souvenirs’ This is dedicated to my pal DJ. The best souvenir of all.

Important Fact About Mueller’s Investigation

After you take time to read through the thread, you will not only see that Abramson is right, but you will also see why it’s taking Robert Mueller longer than most people would like to get through his investigation.

Language Family Tree

WONDERFUL infographic illustration by Minna Sundberg who writes a fantastic web comic called Stand Still Stay Silent – and there’s a whole collection of art for sale.

A Book Worthy to be Read

The dust that once buried me, dulled my vision,
now sparkles like so much glitter in the shards of light.

Memorial for Scott Alan Hofferber

I had the good fortune to meet Scott’s widow Tammi eight years after his death. Even at that huge distance of time I could feel what a good man he must have been. I wish I could have met him but I’m grateful that his legacy has come to me to preserve and protect. It’s an honor to be associated with the Hofferber family. Rest in peace Scott, you are fondly remembered and greatly missed.


Wonderful moment near the very end when the woman opens her eyes. Stunning since they were closed the entire video. Gorgeous, clever and engrossing stop motion. Hat tip to  Bifurcated … Read More

37Signals Rework

Hilarious and spot-on attack ad parody. Rover will be banging his head on the desk, wishing these guys worked for him. The ad’s production quality is superb.


DOCUMERICA Project by the Environmental Protection Agency From the National Archives. Outstanding collection. GO SEE.

The Real American Emergency

While our president is involved in dealing with the many emergencies in which our nation is now foundering, he fails to see the most urgent one.


Harmony Captivating little HTML5 drawing app by Ricardo Cabello. Works swell on the iPhone too. (Via Federico Viticci.) ★ [Daring Fireball]