A Suggestion

Suggestion for allowing fireworks that protects the pets, citizen, and property.

Skyrockets within City Limits Must Stop
This is an illegal firework being launched in a residential neighborhood. The ingredients are explosive and burn at thousands of degrees. This is unsafe and has to stop before serious injury or damage occurs.
  1. Take some funding from police patrols (NOT DEFUNDING, repurposing) a separate division called ‘Noise Control’ that had unarmed officers with Fire Marshall training and video-enabled vehicles.
  2. Enforcement would be a simple drive-by (no lead involved, only silicon). (could also double for animal control and wildlife management, disaster evaluation and news backup).
  3. Make the video feed live to the public via the city’s mesh.)?
  4. Automatic location of gunshots (and other spikey noises) https://www.shotspotter.com/ – exists now. With mikes in close proximity, the accuracy is excellent.
  5. Set up ‘Designated Fireworks Zones’ in several large outdoor venues with Fire and EMS support on hand for protection and education.
We have the hardware, the software, the know-how. 
Just need the WILL. (looks at dispatcher). 
Think there’s any hope of a simple, mostly-automated system? 
Heck, you could even USE the data to gauge which parts of town NEED an extra firehouse and Urgent Care center. 
If the kids in some part of town like to burn down their house and blast their hands off, at least they’ll have to resources to get put out and patched up instead of trashing the whole city.
Let’s save the officers with battlefield training that we (and they) paid dearly for to handle those situations calling for life and death rules of engagement: which fireworks ain’t. and certainly should never be.
As a cherry on top of this whole pile of whine, I’ve more than once suggested that there be ‘Designated Fireworks Zones in several large outdoor venues. 
Have a FireTeam (maybe even our bomb squad) show up at each one, offer free how-to’s on using pyrotechnics – I mean, who don’t like watchin’ shit blowed up good
Do it where there’s lower housing density (out in the country – social distancing room and get the kids near a farm!) so the pets and people don’t get freaked out. 
For god’s sake SCHEDULE it so the non-fireworks lovers can congregate on the other side of the city and maybe even WATCH via City Live Feed (we own a TV station). 
Food trucks could set up around a big projection tv. Maybe even do some interviews with vets that have seen real warfare and can testify about exactly what the price of mishandling explosive is. The Fourth is their day, after all, they should not just be involved but helping if they want. We trained them, they can train us too. Imagine how well prepared we’ll be for our next flood!
Again, outdoors, socially distanced, masked up. 
No one’s dog, kids, or self gets tortured all night, fireworks lovers get what they want, my damn house doesn’t get burnt down.
I know, no fistfights, no court battles, so simple. 
Probably never work. Go ahead, poo all over the idea. 
But God forfends that we try and find a middle ground and solve this like rational human beings. 
Far be it from ME to even TRY to emulate one.
M. Douglas Wray
2339 Bowen St.
Longmont, CO 80501
720 600 9365

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