M. Douglas Wray - Mac Web GuruFriends, co-workers and students dubbed me with the title “Guru,” which amuses me to an enormous degree – so, of course, I’m working it like a day job.

The graphic came about due to some Photoshop experiments with lens flares.

Guru: one who gives light by eradicating the darkness of ignorance. According to philosophical Hindu texts, Guru means dispeller (gu) of darkness (ru).

Thank you to all who have helped me dispel my shadows as I helped you with yours. Our combined success aids us all.

Here’s a little personal history:

I worked at the CU Alumni Association from Jan 2009 – 2015. The University has been reaching out to me about this recently and I invite this dialog. There’s more to it.

I live in Longmont – have for nearly twenty years and own my home at 2339 Bowen St.

I have over twenty years of web experience, mostly in HTML/CSS but have some proficiency in C#, JavaScript and PHP. I wouldn’t call myself a programmer but I’m a fair hacker.

I consider myself a good photographer, here’s my Instagram feed, I’m not all that active yet.

I’m a fair videographer – my YouTube channel

You can check out my graphic work here – amateur but I enjoy it a lot. My pal Todd Lockwood has taught me tons over the years.

I’m a trained instructor for Adobe products, went through their official training program but the company sponsoring me went belly up JUST before I finished! Used their tools since but have finally stopped supporting them, just got tired of the pricing structure.

I’m an avid Apple Macintosh user and evangelist and I also do a little in-home consulting for friends and limited referrals. I’m the only Mac guy in Longmont that does house calls. My clients are primarily older users and several are retired CU professors. Just lost Nicholas Lee in the last year

Taught evening classes in HTML/CSS and web design for Boulder Digital Arts for several years.

Married three times – divorced first wife (Priscilla) due to intractable alcoholism, second wife (Marilyn) died of cancer after 11 years of marriage, third wife (Tammi) has some serious physical challenges after a near-fatal car accident caused by her mother’s negligent driving. We’ve been married for ten years. Tammi is a certified dog trainer and loves big dogs.

We have four pets:

In order of age:

Kinky the cat – 16 – with Tammi
Kona – 11
Dozer – 8
Ella holding River
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