M. Douglas Wray

God’s Will?

Trump has a history of politicizing disaster responses, as well as downplaying the federal government’s role in handling the coronavirus pandemic.

What I Believe

I believe you must set boundaries with the darkness and never let them move, regardless of the cost – because the real cost of backing away is to lose ground against a foe that sides with entropy – and the death of everything.


Textbook perfect launch! NASA’s next generation rover is on its way to Mars. Fare thee well Perseverance, bon voyage. Let’s hope someone’s left on Earth to get the data.

Invisible Blogger Podcast

My dear friend DJ Cline and I are starting a podcast. We’ll be featuring lively conversations on a range of topics, spiced with humor, obscure quotes and many many inferences! … Read More

Adopting Dozer

Since we’re closing in on his birthday, I decided to run this image again. As well as this one: Tammi is an angel, everything that comes near her becomes incandescent … Read More

A Suggestion

Suggestion for allowing fireworks that protects the pets, citizen, and property. Take some funding from police patrols (NOT DEFUNDING, repurposing) a separate division called ‘Noise Control’ that had unarmed officers … Read More