Guardian of the Light

Dozer 2013

When I look in your eyes
I sense the corridors of time
that your ancestors have trod.

For endless years
you’ve stood at man’s side
and faced danger with him.

The wheel of time has brought you here
to the warm soft bed
of your human companions.

I know the bitter winds of the steppes
still whistle through your soul
and the howls of the wolves as well.

But for now we are safe – together
in this quiet place in life’s River
no wolves at the door to fight.

When your days grow short
and the Earth calls for you
I will make easy your way.

Into the Great Darkness you will go
to clear the way for my arrival
and to make joyous our reunion.

MDWray 2015

for my beloved dog Dozer, an Anatolian Shepherd dog

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