Goodbye ’21

Well, 2021 is almost over the horizon – at last.

Here’s wishing all of my readers a Happy New Year – with the hope that there’s less pestilence, less wildfire, less insanity.

To everyone that’s helped us weather the current financial storm, thank you! We’re still trying to get back to an even keel.

My health is improving slowly, my MG symptoms seem to be mostly under control for the moment – enough that my neurologist recommends pausing the IVIG treatments to see if my immune system can be stable with just oral meds. So far so good.

Tammi is recovering from a bad hip sprain or tear – maybe an ‘evulsion’? Took a fall while putting up Christmas decorations. Quite painful and very slow to heal – also she can’t take anti-inflammatory meds because of her other medications for rheumatoid arthritis. Poor kid is whammied several ways.

My close relations are all doing well, no one got burned out in the Marshall Fire, thankfully.

Our pets are doing well – Dozer and Kona are getting pretty elderly – as is my cat Kink. Our youngest, a Westie named ‘River’ is a trial in some ways but mostly good.

So, it’s been a rough year but we’re alive and if not prospering, not failing either.

My best to you all.

Good Luck this year.

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