Bounty on My Family

My stepson Zachary was awarded this medal.
Zachary Aron Hofferber and his mother Tammi Jean Hofferber-Wray at Zach’s Basic Training graduation at Fort Benning, GA 2006 – this was the very first photo I saw of Tammi after we met at PetSmart the first time.

Tammi has always been proud of Zach’s service, so was I.

My older brother chose the military college route and now it becomes clear why. Draw your own conclusions.

Zach went in military service because his life hadn’t gone well up till then, as so many don’t. Luckily he was white so he didn’t end up dead first.

Zachary’s sister Kylie fastening Zach’s infantry braid at graduation. Having lost her father to heart problems, the potential of losing a brother loomed large.
Sergeant Major James Mapes, Army Sergeant Max Geitner, Army Sergeant Knutson, Army Sergeant Zach Hofferber (my son) – I posted this on CU’s Alumni website while working there. That’s hard to see. My boss was uncool about it. feh. He hid from Vietnam in the AK oilfields.
Zach’s kids Scottie and Rosaleigh – my first step-grandkids. Forget the step, they were mine from day one. Scotty is the best, even tho Ella has stolen my heart for the moment. Rosy is a quiet one. Watch for surprises from her.
Dad’s Home!!! You really don’t know what this is about until you see it.
First visit with Trina, new daughter to be? To see the wheel of Zach’s life turning again and rolling the rock uphill is thrilling to see.

What IF Putin’s evil plan had worked and Zach hadn’t survived being shot in the chest while on guard duty. You can BET there were bounties on the guard towers. The guard that tried for Zach waited all day for the sun to move just right. He was a pro. Were it not for ceramic armor, my new stepson would have been gone before I could know him.

All because El Mango Grande won’t do his homework.

I remember my dad crowing ‘good!’ the day that Kennedy was shot (horror! dad!!) Then the Colorado GOP, through a catspaw, jeered when my second wife Marilyn died of cancer and never once repented, even when told the circumstances point-blank. Now I hear that a rich playboy in the GOP was looking the other way while some Russian oligarch was putting a price on my son’s head.

It’s beginning to get awful personal, guys.

Then I saw wealthy whites mocking John Kerry’s purple heart when he stood up to run. No, it’s not just about color or gender, it’s the ‘wrong people’ that can’t be president. Unless of course, they go to the right parties.

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