Open Letter to Colorado GOP

There was a time when I would simply call the Colorado GOP HQ and tell them what I felt. Apparently, they don’t have the balls to hear it. I got a phone call from a lady at the Longmont Police who tried to tell me I couldn’t call them anymore. No, there wasn’t a restraining order, the Longmont Fraternal Order of Police simply does as they’re told by the Colorado GOP. It’s sad but I’ve had them try it before. Sorry kids, I know my rights and you’re not scaring me a bit. If you want me, come get me, or just shoot me like LEOs all over the US do when they’re confronted with their corruption. I hope you guys at least realize what the GOP has done to our country now that the Jan 6th committee has laid it out in agonizing detail that even the most roided-out riot-helmet-wearing loon can see it.

As for the Colorado GOP, since you don’t want me calling you, I’ll just put it in writing:

You’re cancer in my country and the next election is going to excise your diseased tumor from my congress. Then we’re going to find each and every one of you traitorous bastards that helped Trump and you’ll be held accountable. Hopefully on a real gallows as befits traitors.

Starting with Loudermilk who helped reconnoiter for the Maga mob by taking them on an unsanctioned tour of the tunnels used by legislators to move back and forth from the capitol to the office complex. Loudermilk knew exactly what he was doing – and it’s TREASON. He also is involved in the fake electors’ scheme, which in any decent world would have him in handcuffs right now.

What upset me the most was listening to Bannon gloat about their plans to his pals. This pustulent sack of poo actually laughs about the destruction and damage they’re going to do. He needs to hang, prison is not enough for this leering jackal.

I’ll have more to say about the glorious Colorado GOP, buckle in kids, it’s gonna get bumpy.

PS – remember when you defamed my wife days after she died? I do. And I will torment you till my last breath because of it. Whichever of you cowardly pieces of shit made the remark, I will find you. Promise.

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