M. Douglas Wray

Piping, Hot

Fort Collins Pipe Band showing their stuff at the Highland Games in Estes Park, CO.

The Dish

Great Flash animation! Hat tip to Todd Lockwood!

Gaming no fun anymore

One of the reasons I don’t play video games is that I don’t want to support a morally-bankrupt industry that causes people so much pain.

8 bit organ

May be a bit slow – link was referred on Slashdot, so YouTube is getting pummelled just now.

Crazy copter

Five minutes of ‘OH MY GAWD’ – watch. Looks like a dragonfly on crack.

Flyin Fun

Chip and Dale still make me laugh out loud. Donald is a classic sendup of many archetypes. Love YouTube.

Face Time

Clayton Morris and John Gruber show off FaceTime on their iPhones. Amazing.

Get a life trolls

Follow the money Longmont, the people puppeting your city council are obvious.

Things From Hell

Again Stephanie Baum shows her true colors – deep, deep hatred with a streak of bright malice.