M. Douglas Wray

Neighbor Sarah

Another dear friend and extended family member has gone to be with Jesus. Rest in Peace Sarah.

Benoit Mandelbrot RIP

Animations of fractal sets. Go and watch some of these and then tell me mathematics aren’t beautiful.

Volcanic viewpoint

Looking down the throat of hell. Hat tip to Say It Ain’t So Already


Drinking irradiated water = death.

Bless The Broken Road

Tammi introduced me to Rascal Flatts and this song in particular. God does speak to us through music.


One of the finest songs ever written, performed by one of my very favorite singers.

Astro Hammer

Sometimes ya jes gotta whoop on it wit a hammer.

Dawkins. Watch.

The pope condemns atheists for Hitler’s deeds? Hitler was a catholic, and a beloved one.