M. Douglas Wray

The Dish

Great Flash animation! Hat tip to Todd Lockwood!

Gaming no fun anymore

One of the reasons I don’t play video games is that I don’t want to support a morally-bankrupt industry that causes people so much pain.

8 bit organ

May be a bit slow – link was referred on Slashdot, so YouTube is getting pummelled just now.

Crazy copter

Five minutes of ‘OH MY GAWD’ – watch. Looks like a dragonfly on crack.

Flyin Fun

Chip and Dale still make me laugh out loud. Donald is a classic sendup of many archetypes. Love YouTube.

Face Time

Clayton Morris and John Gruber show off FaceTime on their iPhones. Amazing.

Get a life trolls

Follow the money Longmont, the people puppeting your city council are obvious.

Things From Hell

Again Stephanie Baum shows her true colors – deep, deep hatred with a streak of bright malice.