M. Douglas Wray

8 bit organ

May be a bit slow – link was referred on Slashdot, so YouTube is getting pummelled just now.

RIP Kodachrome

The last roll of Kodachrome has been processed. The King is Dead! Long Live the King!

Crazy copter

Five minutes of ‘OH MY GAWD’ – watch. Looks like a dragonfly on crack.

Micro Gyro

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems. Incredible technology.

Flyin Fun

Chip and Dale still make me laugh out loud. Donald is a classic sendup of many archetypes. Love YouTube.

Face Time

Clayton Morris and John Gruber show off FaceTime on their iPhones. Amazing.

WordPress 3.0

Update to WordPress 3.0 went flawlessly. Gotta love that.


Many people say their mate ‘made them bloom’ – my dear wife Marilyn was much more ambitious. The vines of her work run throughout my life now.

Piece of the Sky

I often hear it said that parents ‘…would give their child the moon and the stars…’ – my father did.


This video exemplifies why I don’t like ‘professional’ sports. How does this promote the game in any way? This man is just being an overgrown child and no example to youngsters.

Raise me up

To all of you who have come to ‘sit awhile with me’ when it was the darkest, bless you. Your names are written in my deepest heart, not to be forgotten.