M. Douglas Wray


Textbook perfect launch! NASA’s next generation rover is on its way to Mars. Fare thee well Perseverance, bon voyage. Let’s hope someone’s left on Earth to get the data.

Fireworks Frustration and a Proposal

First posted on Nextdoor in response too all the citizens complaining about firework noise, pet and human discomfort. There’s solutions. Let’s find one. I love fireworks but NOT IN MY … Read More

Hosting Change

After many, many years with Indra’s Net hosting in Boulder, CO, I have decided to host MacWebGuru.com at LaughingSquid.net using their Managed WordPress hosting service, run by Pressable.com.

Language Family Tree

WONDERFUL infographic illustration by Minna Sundberg who writes a fantastic web comic called Stand Still Stay Silent – and there’s a whole collection of art for sale.


Check this out!! Interactive HTML5 Cheatsheet!! Very useful! From dreamcss.com Google: Google Cheat Sheet Google Guide Quick Reference: Google Advanced Operators (Cheat Sheet) Download Now! Google Cheat Sheet PDF! Das … Read More

Commuting Kills

Commuting is murder – why aren’t more of America’s workforce working remote?

Basics of HTML

HTML stands for ‘HyperText Markup Language’ and it’s the lingua franca of the web. Nearly every page you’ve ever seen on the web is crafted from HTML code, excepting those … Read More

Classic cars

Images from a friend’s e-mail, lovely old cars.

Human vs Pet Age

Human/Pet Age Analogy Adult Size in Pounds 0 – 20 21 – 50 51 – 120 > 120 Years Feline Canine Pet Age Human Equivalent Age  3  28 28 29 … Read More