M. Douglas Wray

Made by Hand

Wonderful video about intriguing craftsman. Mesmerizing.

Cheesehead hackers

1 failed login attempts (1 lockout(s)) from IP: Last user attempted: admin IP was blocked IP Address Country (Short) Country (Full) Flag Region City ISP Map US UNITED … Read More

10 Simple Words

Great illustrations about misused words – from the Oatmeal via EDUdemic.

1 MeV

One of my favorite places at the University of Colorado was the High Voltage Electron Microscope lab in the Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology building.


Drinking irradiated water = death.

Astro Hammer

Sometimes ya jes gotta whoop on it wit a hammer.

The Dog

Wonderful chart from an old Life Nature Library book “Evolution” – illustration by Arthur Singer.

The Dish

Great Flash animation! Hat tip to Todd Lockwood!

Gaming no fun anymore

One of the reasons I don’t play video games is that I don’t want to support a morally-bankrupt industry that causes people so much pain.

8 bit organ

May be a bit slow – link was referred on Slashdot, so YouTube is getting pummelled just now.

RIP Kodachrome

The last roll of Kodachrome has been processed. The King is Dead! Long Live the King!