M. Douglas Wray

Love Prevails

Love Prevails When I use my greatest strength all of my heart to push the darkness away triumph is sweet When I feel the pain searing hot, but no longer … Read More

The Lady of Shalott

I love Loreena McKennitt’s rendition of this song. I was not greatly surprised to see it was poetry by Lord Tennyson – background here. The Lady of Shalott (1832) BY¬†ALFRED, … Read More

In Memory of the Tree of Life

For the 11 killed in hate, let love of them live on. From Kaddish Yatom – Mourner’s Kaddish When I die give what’s left of me awayto children and old … Read More

A Book Worthy to be Read

The dust that once buried me, dulled my vision,
now sparkles like so much glitter in the shards of light.

Jolly Springtime

I’ve always loved James Taylor’s lyrics. Such sweet poetry and such compelling music. I’m honored to live in the same times as this Master songwriter.

Friend of My Heart

My uncle Mickey was one of the first men I met who was truly *gentle* with me and playful as I was. His hugs were so encompassing, like no danger or harm could reach me in his arms. All my childhood cares were swept away when I was with him and he made my soul rise up and catch fire. I thank God for his love, it was a wonderful gift to me and transformed my heart.


The magic of the dog.

Guardian of the Light

I’ve never known a dog like Dozer. He amazes, amuses and inspires me. I thank God for him every time we embrace on my return home.

On the Other Side

written by: Tommy Dunbar, Kyle Vincent; Lyrics © Bob-A-Lew Songs, Cohen and Cohen