Faith, Hope and Love

A poem about the spirit — with love to all friends and family around the world! (By Rebecca Jessup)

Faith, Hope and Love

Put not your faith in princes
Who have no faith in you.
Grow faith in quiet inches
Away from public view.

We’re adrift on the face of the waters
No haven below or above
For us or our sons or our daughters
But living in faith, hope and love.

Don’t place your hope in bankers
Who only hope for wealth,
Who trade in guns and tankers,
And only love themself.

Waste not your love on lawyers
Whose hearts have turned to rust,
No raiders or marauders
Deserve our sacred trust .

May my faith not diminish.
May my hope not erode.
Let love be my start and finish
And my entire road.

May we all grow in wisdom,
May all our hearts awake
Not for some worldly kingdom
But for each other’s sake.

By Rebecca Jessup

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