Spam Slam

Wednesday, September 6, 2006 – a day that will live… in infamy.


Anti-Spam Conviction Is Upheld

N.C. Man Flooded AOL Customers With Unsolicited E-Mail

By Candace Rondeaux Washington Post Staff Writer

Wednesday, September 6, 2006; Page B03

Jeremy Jaynes was sentenced to nine years but is free on bond.The Court of Appeals of Virginia upheld yesterday what is believed to be the first conviction in the nation under a state anti-spamming law that makes it a felony to send unsolicited mass e-mails.

A North Carolina man was convicted in Loudoun County two years ago of illegally sending tens of thousands of e-mails to America Online customers. Prosecutors said Jeremy Jaynes flooded the servers at the Internet company’s headquarters in Loudoun with bulk e-mail advertisements for computer programs and stock pickers.

Jaynes was sentenced last year to nine years in prison on three counts of violating the state’s anti-spam law and was allowed to remain free on $1 million bond while his case was appealed. Thomas M. Wolf, an attorney for Jaynes, said he plans to appeal yesterday’s decision.


I’ve been a member of SpamCop for years and have worked hard to get slime like this nailed.

This is some of the best news I’ve heard in years!

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