You Never Do

To quote Kimmel: “What a creep.” Embarrassing to see this creature inhabiting our White House. The GOP chose this route and leaned in. Never forget that all this was by … Read More

Deeply Marbled

This is some nasty stuff. Listen to this GOP’er tell us how flawed ‘the black race’ is. This is from 2013. Think she’s changed one bit?

A Suggestion

Suggestion for allowing fireworks that protects the pets, citizen, and property. Take some funding from police patrols (NOT DEFUNDING, repurposing) a separate division called ‘Noise Control’ that had unarmed officers … Read More

San Francisco Way

The dog whistle is near ear-shattering. Hugh, buddy, you’re backing the wrong horse. And what’s this about Bernie? Jesus, you’ve got both oars out man.  

To The Loud Fireworks

You make a mockery of our country. I hope your karma finds you soon. My dogs are literally throwing up from fear. If you had any balls at all, you’d … Read More