The sandpit

Very compelling time-lapse tilt-shift video of New York – taken in several locations over the course of a day. The detail is endless, both in the stationary and the moving elements. The harbor is impressive to watch, boats dancing on the water, helicopters coming and going like mosquitos.

Criticism now ‘attack’

I find this terrifically funny in light of this.

I’d comment further but feel there’s no need to – the silence of Lunaticmont speaks profoundly.

The conservatives are terrified of being likened to… *gasp* {{shudder}} …Boulder.


But this comment on the Times-Call says it all I think:

Civil Liberties and Freedom of Speech! I know who I won’t be voting for this coming election.
Longmont, 7/24/2009 10:04 AM


Taba at age 4 – click to enlarge

My coworker Marc’s dog that he brings to the office frequently.

I love Taba and the feeling’s mutual*.

When she was adopted her given name was ‘Tabatha‘ which is too long for a dog’s name (three syllables makes it a bit hard for them to learn – or so Marc says) so Marc chose to shorten her name to ‘Taba,’ which also had roots in the name of a beach town he went to during the three years he lived in Santiago, Chile, called ‘El Tabo‘ – but since Taba was a girl, it became ‘La Taba.’

She’s a delightfully sweet Labrador Retriever/Border Collie mix, full of energy and joy. When Marc arrives at the office in the morning she literally careens up the stairs and into my office barking and bouncing around – obviously overjoyed to see me.

How can you not love that?

A mutual friend to all above, E. Johnston of Lizzardbrand, Inc. did this great pet portrait:


(click image to enlarge)

* It’s also just vaguely possible that the box of biscuits in my desk drawer has a little something to do with it but I indulge myself in the conceit that it’s me she loves.

Further Away

Long ago, like yesterday
she warned me
“You’ll miss me
when I’m gone”

Now the grief lies frozen
beneath my feet
till something breaks it
and casts me in

All the strength I took from her
washes away in a moment
the icy knowledge crashing in
that I will hear her no more

Small silences loom large
stopping my voice
the silence bursting with absence
of a love that defined my life

The days pass
the sun keeps rising
the ice seems thicker
and safer to walk across

The pain stays the same
fewer cracks in the ice
the truth still beneath my feet
just a little further away.

MDW 11/98
For Marilyn
on the loss of her mother


Great promo video! Detailed operation/theory towards the end – lovely.

I donated my SX-70 to the Longmont Museum and it appeared in the Ansel Adams exhibition they had. I’m glad I got that delightful little camera preserved for posterity – it’s a testament to Edwin Land’s brilliance.

Hat tip to tha Squid!

Others declare me a guru

This is truly funny and sweet. Just recently someone using a pseudonymous sockpuppet to mock me said I was a self-proclaimed guru. It was a direct slam against the text on my about page. I ignored it because it was clear they simply didn’t read the whole page.

Then, today, one of my students and a local journalist, Bob Wells writes an article about two other WordPress experts and I!

WordPress gurus speak

Thanks Bob! You da man.

Go give the Boulder Reporter a lookee see!

AC Adapters

A friend of mine went to South America recently. He prudently went to a Boulder store to get a power connector adapter – and was promptly given the wrong thing by an ill-informed shopkeeper. So, upon reaching his destination, he ended up having to buy something that would work. Here’s photos of the adapters he needed:

These cost around $5 USD… the one’s recommended in Boulder – I think he said around $20. He took the bogus ones back and asked for a refund.

Double-check before you buy!

Unseen Homeland

This is from Marilyn’s friend Kris via her friend Karen and thence her friend Paula to me. I confess I have been remiss in posting this. Each time I looked at the pictures the pain came back – so I filed the message away ‘for another day.’ That day has come, it’s time to say goodbye to my dear wife.

You never got to see Ireland or Scotland as we’d hoped, so I’m hoping your spririt got to see this lovely place. I’m missing you terribly just now hon – and so are your friends.

Here’s the photos and words from her friend Kris:



This is where I spread Marilyn’s ashes.  Will you pass them along for me?


Overlooking Edinburgh was taken from the end of Loch Dunsapie where I spread her ashes.  This looks over the city and on to the Firth of Forth.  At the other end, the road circles around to Arthur’s Seat.  Oh, this Loch is in the Queen’s Park, adjacent to Hollyrood Palace.  It’s full of birds and Swans.


The Swan’s nest is again taken from the spot where I spread the ashes but looking across the Loch.

Google map

Logo Design

Great article on logo design.

Logo design in today’s world is totally underrated. People don’t understand how important a good logo is and how valuable it is to their business. Let me guide you through the basics of what makes a good logo, while also walking you through the process of creating the identity and logo design for one of my recent clients, Vero, a limited liability company based in Miami, Florida. Hopefully, this will give you an understanding of what actually goes on behind the scenes while creating a professionally designed logo.

Read the rest at Layers magazine.

Tough Job

Thermal Craft Insulation Installer at work in attic

Just finished a series of upgrades to my home via the Climate Smart program and wanted to give kudos to two of the contractors:

Thermal Craft Insulation Co.


Larry Meeks


Cooper Heating and Cooling

11780 Olde Wadsworth Blvd

Broomfield, CO 80020


The picture at the top of this entry is the installer Dustin busting his nuts blowing in insulation in the teensy-tiny section of my split-level’s attic. When he came back out he was COVERED in the cellulose insulation – the guy really went after it. The blow-in from the outside of the house (holes drilled through the walls) took a couple of days and he did a SUPERB job. Can’t say enough good about the work.

The HVAC system and hot water heater were done by Cooper Heating and Cooling. Every single person I dealt with was polite, professional and knowledgeable. The salesman, Jim Reynolds was completely versed in the Climate Smart program, had all the paperwork straight and the install went 1-2-3 by the numbers. The new unit works flawlessly and I’m thrilled to death.

I’d tell you about the experience I had with the windows (Accent) but suffice to say I was less than pleased and let it go at that.

You may live in Canada…

Stolen wholeheartedly directly from Malcha’s Sound Visions:

If your local Dairy Queen is closed from
September through May,
You may live in Canada .

If someone in a Home Depot store
Offers you assistance and they don’t work there,
You may live in Canada .

If you’ve worn shorts and a parka at the same time,
You may live in Canada .

If you’ve had a lengthy telephone conversation
With someone who dialed a wrong number,
You may live in Canada .

If ‘Vacation’ means going anywhere
South of Detroit for the weekend,
You may live in Canada .

If you measure distance in hours,
You may live in Canada .

If you know several people
Who have hit a deer more than once,
You may live in Canada .

If you have switched from ‘heat’ to ‘A/C’
In the same day and back again,
You may live in Canada .

If you can drive 90 km/hr through 2 feet of snow
During a raging blizzard without flinching,
You may live in Canada .

If you install security lights on your house and garage,
But leave both unlocked,
You may live in Canada .

If you carry jumper cables in your car
And your wife knows how to use them,
You may live in Canada .

If you design your kid’s Halloween costume
To fit over a snowsuit,
You may live in Canada .

If the speed limit on the highway is 80 km –
You’re going 95 and everybody is passing you,
You may live in Canada .

If driving is better in the winter
Because the potholes are filled with snow,
You may live in Canada .

If you know all 4 seasons:
Almost winter, winter, still winter,
and road construction,
You may live in Canada .

(this is my favourite, because how true)

If you have more miles
On your snow blower than your car,
You may live in Canada .

If you find -2 degrees ‘a little chilly’,
You may live in Canada .

If you actually understand these jokes,
you definitely are Canadian and proud to be.

Bullet Porno

Lovely photography of bullets impacting/penetrating metal.

Such an incredible race we are that we can create such astounding devices.

Sad that we first turn them to killing.

Imagine these images but substitute a soldier’s body for the impact surface. Then substitute a friend or loved one.

The images take on a whole new dimension of horror.

Think about it.