M. Douglas Wray

Status Update

I am home – Tammi and the livestock are palpably relieved, as is the fat man. I am able to perform infant-level sustenance functions (swallow, chew, cough, drool {NAILED IT} … Read More

White Coat Cadre

This is an open letter to the staff at Long’s Peak Hospital.

Gravis News

My brush with death came recently, Here’s how it all unfolded.


Dysarthria is a motor speech disorder in which the muscles that are used to produce speech are damaged, paralyzed, or weakened. The person with dysarthria cannot control his or her tongue, larynx, vocal cords, and surrounding muscles, which makes it difficult for the person to form and pronounce words.

Merry Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas 2019! Best Wishes to all from Doug, Tammi, Dozer, Kona, River and Kinkles It’s been a long, difficult year and we’re ready for ’20! Thank you all for … Read More

Wonderful Wacky Words

Bamboozled Flabbergasted Discombobulated Shenanigans Cattywumpus Lollygag Malarkey Kerfuffle Brouhaha Nincompoop Skedaddle Pumpernickel Gobsmacked Dillydally Smithereens Gobbets Dooflinkey Widget Gizmo


The Angel of Death stepped close today.

Language Family Tree

WONDERFUL infographic illustration by Minna Sundberg who writes a fantastic web comic called Stand Still Stay Silent – and there’s a whole collection of art for sale.