Bad Reputation

This company has regular postings for job openings. Not expansion, replacements.

Virtually all negative reviews – except for a few glowing ones.

Gee. Golly. *Innocent Blink* how can that be???

Indeed, you should identify company representatives.

It’s not always as obvious as this, but this kind of attempted ‘salting’ goes on a lot.

I am one of the negative reviews on this page and I have been following this company since I left.

The behaviors that I saw then have not changed.

What concerns me is the reports of noncompliance.

If someone is injured by this company’s products, there will be many who come forward with hard evidence.

You can rest assured that the family of cannabis workers is watching this carefully.

It’s not just money, it’s our Industry and people can’t be allowed to screw it up.

Smart businesspeople would either straighten up or shut down.

Please choose soon, this weekly parade of shameful management fails makes our industry look bad.

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