Keep the Faith

Here we are in mid-summer, poised at the swing of the seasons and the pendulum of life is picking up speed after grinding to a halt on it’s swing and reversing – finally!

I wanted to say thank you formally to everyone that has helped my family and I over the past three years. God bless you all. It was one of the worst tunnels I’ve been through since Marilyn’s death.

We’re making changes and improvements – hoping for new adventures and great joy in the remainder of ’16 and more and better in ’17 and beyond!

To all of you on the team, thanks.

You are my family, by blood, tears or laughter and I cherish you all.

3 thoughts on “Keep the Faith

  1. You really are a soft old marshmallow. You’re always so cheerful, it’s hard to tell you’re going through deep shit. Even when you talk about the deep shit, you sound positive.

    I owe you so much, I sometimes feel guilty bitching and whining. But not very. . . .

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