Mortality +6

The house stands half-empty. The majority of Marilyn’s belongings have been bequeathed to those she wished. The remaining fragments of her life are in various places around the house. Some photos have been moved due to change in significance. The deck is finally cleared and will be cleaned soon. Marilyn literally took over the back porch and it was her gardening workroom. It will return to its original purpose, gathering place. Her plants will grow on, but I’ll have to press myself into service as a novice gardener and enlist aid. Her dear friends Sue Hackett and Kate Beier did literal yeoman’s work trimming roses, hauling out a truckload of razor-thorned rose canes, weeds and accumulated crap. The front yard is shipshape but not yet Bristol-fashion. Knowing Sue and Kate, it soon will be.

The garage is slowly clearing out. Several (but not all) of Marilyn’s array of appliances have been taken to new kitchens and her energy will imbue the food they make. I hope the diners on said food are ready for a thrill, her energy was infectious.

The transfer of financial duties continues slowly. Her skill in that area rivaled mine in the computer sciences. It took only the merest flip of switch to change over the various systems she had set up.

My greatest fears are being allayed.


Fare thee well O Wife, surely you’re marshalling angels and ordering up sunsets. No wonder the last few have been so lovely.

3 thoughts on “Mortality +6

  1. Dear Doug,
    Thank you for the update –Your writing is beautiful, I can hear the heart and soul of what you share. I was thinking of you today off and on but was extremely busy and preoccupied with my daughter and efforts to get her settled into her move. I am thankful that you have Sue and Kate around to assist. Quite the wonderful friends! I am thankful that fears are being allayed, I know you had great worry in that department. Hopefully I will see you soon… I am looking forward to my window of opportunity to come for another visit.
    Sending Hugs, Diana

  2. Dear Doug,
    I’m thankful that you have so many loving people surrounding you. Much love and gentleness to you.

  3. Doug, You are amazing…in your ability to love and in your ability to use words to move people. I am inspired by the love you and Marilyn shared. Blessings to you.

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