Stem Cell Research

The Catholic church is actively opposing stem-cell research and urging church members to post comments opposing stem cell research at the public comment form:

Draft NIH Human Stem Cell Guidelines Comment Form

What follows is my public comment on the draft of the new stem cell guidelines:

Having just lost my wife to lymphoma of the brain, I can attest to the need for more stem cell research. The current restrictions are barbaric nonsense harking back to the Dark Ages and the Catholic Church, in my opinion, should be ashamed of themselves – especially considering the background of the current Pope. There should be absolutely NO restrictions on the use of stem cells. Lives are being lost daily because this crucial research is being hampered. The church, in my opinion, is actively injuring the world and makes itself the Enemy of Man by opposing or obstructing this research. Please work to loosen or remove ALL of the restrictions. God gave us the wits to understand our bodies – to turn our back willfully on the path to that knowledge is NOT the Will of God or the Work of Christ.

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