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How to put Gunny Bob’s head on a pike

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Part 2 of a series on Denver talk show host “Gunny” Bob Newman. For part 1, go here: I want Gunny Bob’s head on a pike!

To recap, these would be the headlines Gunny Bob would expect me to write were his rantings actually true. Following in Bill O’Reilly’s footsteps Gunny attacked attendees of the YearlyKos Convention weeks ago here and here comparing us to Nazis, the KKK, and Muslim terrorists.

“Gunny” Bob Newman on his August 2 broadcast called the 2007 YearlyKos Convention a “convention of hatred and intolerance,” adding, “If you want to see hate, urged violence, bigotry, racism, and intolerance in general, and anti-American speech, this is the event.” Newman then called the convention, organized by the Daily Kos blog, “bigger than any KKK, Nazi, or Muslim terrorist gathering … that has ever occurred”

Later in Gunny’s August 6th show he claimed DailyKos founder Markos Moulistas “lamented” on the front page of his site about the hate speech there. It’s actually quite easy check that. Here’s everything Markos posted during that week and I found nothing of the sort. In case Gunny got a little confused, I also looked through the diaries of the other front pagers and found no mention.

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