Religious Right Orgs

A list you’ll want to keep handy during this election season

Political/Advocacy groups

American Family Association

American Life League

Campaign for Working Families

Center for Reclaiming America

Christian Coalition of America

Concerned Women for America

Constitution Party

Eagle Forum

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

Family Research Council

Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family, State Family Policy Councils

Moral Majority Coalition

National Right to Life Committee

Priests for Life

Traditional Values Coalition

Vision America


Christian Broadcasting Network

Christian Examiner

Coral Ridge Ministries


Insight Magazine

Liberty Channel

Presbyterian Layman

Salem Communications

Ten Commandments News

Washington Times

World magazine

World Net Daily

Think Tanks & Publishers

Acton Institute

American Vision

Chalcedon Foundation

Discovery Institute

Free Congress Foundation

Institute for Creation Research

Institute on Religion and Democracy

Summit Ministries


Educational Institutions

Ave Maria Law School

Christ College

Liberty University

New Saint Andrews College

Patrick Henry College

Regent University

University of Bridgeport

Legal Organizations

Alliance Defence Fund

American Center for Law and Justice

Americans United for Life

Foundation for Moral Law

Home School Legal Defense Association

Liberty Counsel

Rutherford Institute

Militant Direct Action Groups

Army of God

Missionaries to the Preborn

Operation Save America

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