A list of businesses in Colorado that support the GOP.

If you know for a fact (via OpenSecrets or other verifiable source) that a business owner supports the GOP (and how much), please email me so the information can be listed here. Employees have a right to know – as well as potential customers where their money is going.

The use of this list is very simple: if you’re planning a major purchase, come here first, check for the business / person name and then follow your conscience. 2008 is going to be a savage election – we need to be very strategic about how we spend our money.

    Just a note: The National Association of Realtors is listed as ‘On the Fence’ by but indicates they give 53% of their money to the GOP. In Colorado, however, Realtors are overwhelmingly Republican and staunch supporters, giving far and away the greatest amount of money to the GOP.More to come

One thought on “GOP in CO

  1. Doug,

    This is good info. Thanks for putting it together.

    I am not currently patronizing any of these businesses except for Good Times, which I go to rarely. I’ll try to patronize Good Times in other areas than Boulder from now on. Does anyone happen to know if the Good Times in Lafayette or Broomfield are also owned by Rick Foos?


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