Injured Police Sue Taser

From The Arizona Republic

Police in 5 states sue Taser in past 2 weeks (note – this story first appeared in 2005 -MDW)

Robert Anglen

The Arizona Republic

Aug. 20, 2005 12:00 AM Police officers in five states filed lawsuits against Scottsdale-based Taser International over the past two weeks claiming they were seriously injured after being shocked with the electronic stun gun during training classes.

Among them is a Missouri police chief who says he suffered heart damage and two strokes when he volunteered to be shocked while hooked up to a cardiac monitor as a way to demonstrate the safety of the Taser to his officers.

Four of the suits were filed in Maricopa County Superior Court on behalf of officers in Florida, Kansas, New Mexico and Ohio who claim they suffered “severe and permanent” injuries, including multiple spinal fractures, burns, a shoulder dislocation and soft-tissue injuries.

In St. Louis on Thursday, Hallsville Police Chief Pete Herring filed a lawsuit claiming “painful, permanent and progressive” hearing and vision loss and neurological damage in addition to the strokes and cardiac damage.

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