Just Damn Rude

Maybe it’s getting older, but I found this young woman’s self-absorption a bit much. I made sure to walk right up to her, get into her field of view and stand there politely and wait for nearly a minute – hoping she’d get it that I would like to sit down and move her backpack. After over a minute of being pointedly ignored while she blathered on her cell, (periodically looking sideways at me) I gave up and just stood while I waited for the bus. I’m glad her backpack didn’t get dirty sitting on the ground.

Manners certainly don’t seem to count for much these days. I guess if I’d been more assertive and said: ‘Hey! How about some room?!’ that might have gotten through. Kinda doubt it – she was talking about her ‘rude’ boyfriend. Hm. Would you like fries with that irony?


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