Some Facts About the Confessor

Everything that’s pertinent about Jon Benet’s (latest) confessed killer.

  1. Karr claims to have picked JonBenet up at her school, taken her to the Ramsey home and therein did the deed. Fact: The murder occurred during the Christmas holiday. School was not in session
  2. Karr claims JonBenet’s death was accidental. Fact: The poor child’s head was viciously bashed with what was probably a flashlight. She was then strangled with a garotte.
  3. Karr claims he drugged JonBenet. Fact: The toxicology report from the autopsy found no drugs in JonBenet’s body.
  4. Karr claims to have had sex with JonBenet. Fact: No semen was found.

How much longer will the smokescreen go on?

I guess with enough money you can get away with murder.

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