Apple iPod ‘sweatshop’ rumor = LIE


Apple’s investigation into claims of poor conditions at a Chinese iPod factory found no forced labor but revealed that workers were exceeding the company’s limits on hours and days to be worked per week, the company said Friday.

The company said it was taking immediate steps to resolve that and other issues.

Apple’s investigation was in response to a recent report by a British newspaper, the Mail on Sunday, alleging that workers at the factory were paid as little as $50 a month and forced to work 15-hour shifts making the devices.

“The team reviewed personnel files and hiring practices and found no evidence whatsoever of the use of child labor or any form of forced labor,” Apple said in a report on its website that summarized the findings of its audit of the facility.

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ps – Mr. Balmer, turn the FUD machine down a notch, you’re stripping its gears.

One thought on “Apple iPod ‘sweatshop’ rumor = LIE

  1. I was a little suspicious of this rumor. The video showed the workers all in black silohuette with little white earbuds gyrating to Devo’s song Whip It.

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