2fer Maybe More

Wow. The crash of flight 3407 sure helped with the revisionist efforts to delete or distort the history of the Bush Years.

Beverly Eckert, a 9/11 widow who had stated publicly that ‘my silence cannot be bought’ was killed as was Alison Des Forges who tried to warn the world of the impending genocide in Rwanda – another huge embarrassment for Bush and Co.

I’ve been winking at the conspiracy theorists on this one, but two women with ties to spectacular blunders of the last administration…? The rest of the passenger list could prove even more interesting.

Oral History

From Doug’s Dyanmic Drivel

A Must Read

23 January, 2009 (20:44) | Political

If you only read one article this weekend (ya right like that’s going to happen eh :) ) this oral history of the Bush years, in , is an absolute must. It’s 14 pages long though so grab a cup of joe, take your laptop to a comfy chair and settle in for a very good read as you “listen” to real toss the Bush cabal under the bus, over and over again.

Go read the selected quotes at Doug Alder at Doug’s Dynamic Drivel and you’ll for sure want to read the rest.