M. Douglas Wray

Volcanic viewpoint

Looking down the throat of hell. Hat tip to Say It Ain’t So Already

The Dish

Great Flash animation! Hat tip to Todd Lockwood!


DOCUMERICA Project by the Environmental Protection Agency From the National Archives. Outstanding collection. GO SEE.

Unseen Homeland

This is from Marilyn’s friend Kris via her friend Karen and thence her friend Paula to me. I confess I have been remiss in posting this. Each time I looked … Read More

San Fran Day 1 Photos

At last! (wireless here is just terrible in my room) Here’s the first batch of images! There are a lot of duplicates and many need rotated to vertical as well … Read More

Green Tortoise – Day 1

What a lovely, funky place! The room is small but well-appointed, right down to a somewhat-battered but quite serviceable box-fan (that was oh-so-welcome since I sleep with a fan at … Read More


If you haven’t discovered Daily Dose of Imagery do yourself a treat and add it to your feeds list. This man takes the best photos. His archive is to lose … Read More


A panarama shot by my pal Mark Berenson – he shot single frames and I assembled it in Adobe Photoshop. The thumbnail opens a scaled-down version. If you want the … Read More

Judicial Storm

The upcoming elections will no doubt be cause for much societal turmoil – regardless of the outcome. Visiting Denver on a cloudy day recently, I was struck by this image … Read More

Water Curtain

One of the waterfalls on the North St. Vrain river below Button Rock Dam (TerraServer).