Unseen Homeland

This is from Marilyn’s friend Kris via her friend Karen and thence her friend Paula to me. I confess I have been remiss in posting this. Each time I looked at the pictures the pain came back – so I filed the message away ‘for another day.’ That day has come, it’s time to say goodbye to my dear wife.

You never got to see Ireland or Scotland as we’d hoped, so I’m hoping your spririt got to see this lovely place. I’m missing you terribly just now hon – and so are your friends.

Here’s the photos and words from her friend Kris:



This is where I spread Marilyn’s ashes.  Will you pass them along for me?


Overlooking Edinburgh was taken from the end of Loch Dunsapie where I spread her ashes.  This looks over the city and on to the Firth of Forth.  At the other end, the road circles around to Arthur’s Seat.  Oh, this Loch is in the Queen’s Park, adjacent to Hollyrood Palace.  It’s full of birds and Swans.


The Swan’s nest is again taken from the spot where I spread the ashes but looking across the Loch.

Google map

San Fran Day 1 Photos

At last! (wireless here is just terrible in my room)

Here’s the first batch of images!

There are a lot of duplicates and many need rotated to vertical as well as captioning. Work, work, work! I’m here to PLAY!

Note – all these images are royalty-free, use them any way you like.

Green Tortoise – Day 1

greentortoiseWhat a lovely, funky place!

The room is small but well-appointed, right down to a somewhat-battered but quite serviceable box-fan (that was oh-so-welcome since I sleep with a fan at home). The shared bathroom(s) are nicely done, also small but numerous and plenty of hot water… ahhh. These tired old bones appreciated that. Will have to try out the sauna upstairs (roof??? more later).

Only rub: wireless access on top floor wasn’t working. Desk person suggested it might be fixed today. Hope is a good thing. Meanwhile, I’m writing from the refectory (my word, not theirs) and enjoying the pleasant (and surprisingly quiet)(hangovers?) atmosphere.

Well, off to gird these loins and go forth. DJ’s busy today so I’m on my own in a strange city.

I cannot express  my eagerness.