Ben Franklin Bridge, Philadelphia

Ben Franklin Bridge, Philadelphia

I love suspension bridges. There’s just something magic about all that weight just… hanging there. Walking across them is always a thrill, you can feel the fabric of the structure moving, vibrating, flexing. Really gives you an idea of how delicate such a big thing can be. You can feel harmonics rolling back and forth along it’s length when really big vehicles go by.

The PATCO trains that were added to the structure were actually doing damage by twisting the structure repeatedly, requiring some modifications to ensure it’s safety. It was nuts to be ON the bridge when a PATCO commuter train went by underneath the walkway. You could FEEL the bridge move, sinking down ever so slightly from all the added weight, then surge back up. The view down the Schukyll River was also incredible… as was the reek from Newark’s outflow. There’s a lot I don’t miss about “Phillthy,” but I do miss the incredible architecture.

I think ole Ben would have been delighted to see his name attached to this Bridge.

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