Recent Graduate

Recent Graduate

Me, my mom and an unknown child on the beach in California (I forget where). I had just graduated from San Joaquin Delta College. It was all just a blur.

No idea who the baby is… my cousin Deana maybe?

Damn Hippie Punk

Damn Hippie Punk

Thank God the draft ended before I was old enough. I’d have made Charlie Sheen look like Rambo. Rebel without a clue. Headband?? HEADBAND?? What was I thinkin? Still desperately seeking a clue. The other culprits (from left to right) my little sister Paula, my Grandmother and my cousin Laurie, who always looked much cooler than me.

This photo was found via websearch and linked from the blog Unravelling. (look for the word family.)

Judicial Storm

Judicial Storm

The upcoming elections will no doubt be cause for much societal turmoil – regardless of the outcome. Visiting Denver on a cloudy day recently, I was struck by this image and how the Capitol building looked much like a castle before a seige.

Broke the Mold

Doog in 4th grade

Good grief. The old saying goes ‘They broke the mold after they made him’ – looks like they broke the mold while they were makin this kid… Had a barber tell me once that my head was shaped ‘like a Coke bottle with the top broken off’. He was a weird man… ‘Monk’ they called him… and not for his monastic habits either.

Class Act

Class Act

Nowadays they call this ‘child abuse’. That poor dog, he lived in fear. I was fourth of five kids and I think my ma just sorta burned out at that point. She was mostly amused by me bein nuts. Of course my dad, well, who do you think took this?

If only I’d been born later, Calvin Klein would have loved me.

Kennywood Park Family Day

Kennywood Family Day

The folks and ‘the boys’. Passerbys were probably thinking “must live near a nuke plant”.

Left to right: My Father, George, me, my mother Shirley and my brother David.

I still remember Kennywood Park – I was so lucky to have gone there as a kid. The Thunderbolt was my favorite ride. Worst ride – that damn tippy ark-thingy. Scared me so bad I still have nightmares. THANKS DAD!

Unformed Lump

Unformed Lump

So wet behind the ears I’m still dripping.

That vest… good grief.

I remember the photographer (Mr. Shaffer) saying “That’s the best smile you got?”

Yeah, pal, school sucks.

Joe’s Girls

Daughters of Joe Walsh (my cousin)

My cousin Joe Walsh‘s daughters. (click thumbnail for larger image)

From left-to-right: Annie, Casey, Leslie, Megan.

Congratulations to Leslie on her graduation (last year)!


Severe Injury Warning Label

Saw this on a concrete-pumper truck control panel. I think this is the most graphic warning label I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a few). Definitely would leave a mark.

Cody from Conifer Hill

Cody Portrait

This dog is literally the dog I always wished for when I was a boy. Always eager to chase a stick and friendly as can be. Surely he is an old friend from another life. I feel blessed when I’m with him.