Stem Cell Research

The Catholic church is actively opposing stem-cell research and urging church members to post comments opposing stem cell research at the public comment form:

Draft NIH Human Stem Cell Guidelines Comment Form

What follows is my public comment on the draft of the new stem cell guidelines:

Having just lost my wife to lymphoma of the brain, I can attest to the need for more stem cell research. The current restrictions are barbaric nonsense harking back to the Dark Ages and the Catholic Church, in my opinion, should be ashamed of themselves – especially considering the background of the current Pope. There should be absolutely NO restrictions on the use of stem cells. Lives are being lost daily because this crucial research is being hampered. The church, in my opinion, is actively injuring the world and makes itself the Enemy of Man by opposing or obstructing this research. Please work to loosen or remove ALL of the restrictions. God gave us the wits to understand our bodies – to turn our back willfully on the path to that knowledge is NOT the Will of God or the Work of Christ.

Sail Away

by David Gray

Sail away
with me honey
I put my heart in your hands
Sail away
with me honey
now, now, now
Sail away with me
What will be will be
I wanna hold you now

Crazy skies all wild above me now
Winter howling at my face
And everything I held so dear
Disappeared without a trace
Oh all the times Ive tasted love

Never knew quite what I had
Little darling if you hear me now
Never needed you so bad
Spinning round inside my head

Sail away with me honey
I put my heart in your hands
Sail away with me honey now, now, now
Sail away with me
What will be will be
I wanna hold you now

Ive been talking drunken gibberish
Falling in and out of bars
Trying to find some explanation here
For the way some people are
How did it ever come so far

Sail away with me honey
I put my heart in your hands
Sail away with me honey now, now, now
Sail away with me
What will be will be
I wanna hold you now
Sail away with me honey
I put my heart in your hands
Sail away with me honey now, now, now
Sail away with me
What will be will be
I wanna hold you now

Don’t Let Us Get Sick

By Warren Zevon

Don’t let us get sick
Don’t let us get old
Don’t let us get stupid, all right?
Just make us be brave
And make us play nice
And let us be together tonight

The sky was on fire
When I walked to the mill
To take up the slack in the line
I thought of my friends
And the troubles they’ve had
To keep me from thinking of mine

Don’t let us get sick
Don’t let us get old
Don’t let us get stupid, all right?
Just make us be brave
And make us play nice
And let us be together tonight

The moon has a face
And it smiles on the lake
And causes the ripples in Time
I’m lucky to be here
With someone I like
Who maketh my spirit to shine

Don’t let us get sick
Don’t let us get old
Don’t let us get stupid, all right?
Just make us be brave
And make us play nice
And let us be together tonight

Marilyn Wray Memorial

Memorial Ceremony – June 14, 2009

This is an extremely informal set of small ceremonies. We are planning to have music (provided by Mr. Anthony Lee). Dress any way you please – I recommend comfortable hiking clothes. Bring at least one bottle of water and a hat to keep the sun off. If you come to the Weedaho ceremony, it’s in the woods on a dirt road. Please plan accordingly.

First Scattering of Ashes – Camp Weedaho site

8:00 am

Guests are asked to congregate at 2339 Bowen St in Longmont shortly before 7:00 am to car pool to limit the size of the procession since there is extremely limited parking/turnaround space. Only immediate family can park directly adjacent to the scattering site, others are asked to park on the main Conifer Hill Road loop and walk up (5-10 min walk) Please park with discretion and do not block the access roads. Conifer Hill families Harris and Akia will assist with directing participants.

The carpools will be led in a procession up Rt. 7.

Please note: this is private land and we only lease a small portion of it. Your discretion and respectful driving is requested in consideration of the permanent residents. Camp Weedaho is reached via a basic-service dirt road. Heavily-loaded sedans are not encouraged and 4WD/high-clearance is recommended. If you don’t feel comfortable with some steep mountain woods driving, please attend the second memorial.

Second Scattering of Ashes – Endovalley Road, RMNP

Time 11:00 am

Guests are requested to congregate at the first Endovalley Road parking site (before the Alluvial fan waterfall – map). A brief ceremony will be held and instructions given to participants. After the ceremony guests are invited to walk to the base of Fall River Road, approximately two miles on an asphalt-surfaced road with a few small hills. It’s a lovely walk with some great views, I encourage you to stop and simply listen periodically. The final procession group of Marilyn’s closest friends will proceed by vehicle up Fall River Road to the Alpine Visitor Center, stopping briefly to observe a moment of silence at Chasm Falls and then proceeding to the top of the Alpine Ridge Trail for a final moment of silence at the top of the Great Divide. This last stop is quite strenuous and not recommended for all as it is high altitude.

Reception – Chez Wray, Longmont

2339 Bowen St, Longmont
7:00 pm

The door will be open. You are invited to stop in and pay your respects. Stay as late as you wish.

Diagnosis +3, Departure

Thursday morning, May 14th.

Marilyn’s breathing became more and more labored through the day with increasing congestion. Her color changed. Her muscles became slack. It was clear her spirit was ranging widely. Friends heard her speaking to them clearly while they were elsewhere – they believe she was callling them to her side.

Looking at her around 4pm (I think) something in my heart spoke out: “She will not last the night”

Her few living relatives were called, the extended family already en route were warned to be fleet.

Evening came and she began to breathe slower and slower. She had not eaten or drank since early Tuesday, she could not draw fluid from a straw or chew and swallow.

Our friends gathered in her room as the agonal breathing began at approximately 11pm. In minutes her breaths were coming further and further apart until finally they were tiny gasps minutes apart.

crest_robertsonI kissed her and wished her godspeed, fine warrior woman that she was. She had put the Robertson clan pin on me at our wedding and I called out to those brave people to make clear her way, one of their own was returning. I called the departed scions of clan Wray to answer their motto of just and true and attend her also.

Her last breath came and the pause stretched and stretched. At last it became obvious she had gone.

I had no tears left, we had spent so many days and nights together in the hospital as she fought cancer, fearing her death then that all I could feel was relief for our shared suffering’s end.

She asked me not to grieve her but to go on and live my remaining years filled with joy that she was walking with Jesus now and that our shared salvation meant we would one day be rejoined.

Goodbye my wife, eleven years was barely time to realize what a godsend you were to me. Every day in the light with you was special.

Every moment I remember you is too.

In a month we’ll gather at our special places in the mountains to scatter your ashes so that your corporeal being will rejoin the earth that loves it and surely love will spring up again.

Since Love is the surest sign of the presence of the Divine and your gathered friends will be feeling their love for you burning brightly, I know you will also attend with our Savior by your side.

In that most perfect of cathedrals I will bid you final adieu, O Wife and begin the journey to my own gateway, knowing I will find you waiting there with our clans gathered to celebrate.

Fly high little bird, I will watch the skies until then.

Marilyn Wray 2003

I encourage you to also view these pages: (image click to enlarge)

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Chloe and mom

Big Mama’s Posse

Diagnosis +2

Marilyn declined very, very rapidly. Two days after the diagnosis (Wed) she was bedridden and had lost contact with the world.

The Hospice care staff was there round the clock and she felt -no- pain, of that I am sure.

Diagnosis +1

It’s tuesday the 12th, 3:37pm.

Marilyn is slowly but surely losing her memory.

She cannot recall things that happened ten minutes ago.

She has developed tremors and twitches – the onset of seizures.

She has no pain and is in good spirits.

She speaks joyfully of ‘going to God’

I’m exhausted and awaiting hospice and friends to help.

She lays in our bed, dozing, our cats sleeping nearby.

The clock ticks.

The Diagnosis

My beloved has been diagnosed with untreatable cancer. She has a very short time to live.

I’m going to share this with the world so that others in the same situation will know they are not alone and also to give her a chance to say some things to the universe that need saying.

It won’t be pretty and the heroine definitely dies at the end.

Come along with us, share your thoughts as we share this final journey.

Things From Hell

I think this is Stephanie Baum – such hate with such glee:

Stephanie Baum

Stephanie Baum, Worst Person in My World

I think that last line is a reference to the ‘Darkest Days’ post and is even more repellent than the ‘Not So Bonita’ remarks* days after Marilyn’s death. Not to mention proves someone’s still stalking me. So much for cyber security cough. But every time they pull this nasty shit I’m going to publish about so that people will have a reference going forward. Eventually there will be enough dots. Note how this person always calls me out by name but hides behind a pseudonym – which the Times-Call conveniently refuses to reveal the email to. I’m certain the Longmont police could (or have?) found out but I don’t know. The law about defaming the dead that they so vigorously shook in my face expired recently – and appeared within days. Sigh. An entire site just to attack me and spit on Marilyn’s grave again. Hardly civil at all.

The ‘coniptions’ being referenced are my efforts to have personal attacks on myself, my daughter and Kimberly Gibbs removed, as well as some fairly acid quips in response to vicious hateful remarks (that remained published**). Also, pointing out that the smears on Gibbs were being coordinated with Facebook users in other states seemed to really inflame the howler monkeys since that’s one of Mile-Hi’s favorite tactics on Facebook.

This is the kind of deeply evil hatred that is the calling card of the self-proclaimed ‘first lady’ of Longmont and the Jr. Birdmen and I believe it’s still being enabled by the Times-Call.

I understand the TC building was sold recently.

What bridge will these trolls hide under when the TC is gone?

Update 5/25/15 – Gee, somebody’s pissed off… clearly I hit nerve.

Yet another sockpuppet has appeared: Not_NORML – go take a look at their comments – all 1,928. Now there’s a person with an opinion – and I suspect a mental hygiene problem. Hmm. Who in this community crows about their prolific hate? Hmm. Here’s all the comments – note how quickly they’re posted.

5/25/15 11:25 AM – “Doug – Kim lives where? Gunbarrel. Where do you live?

FRL – note, calls me by name but hiding behind a pseudonym. Want to bet money this is an Airport Committee Chairman trying desperately to preserve his public image yet vent his painfully swollen spleen?

Eight minutes later… (takes that long to read comments if you’re sounding out the words)

5/25/15 11:33 AM – “In your wildest dreams. The TC is not going under, and that would make you unhappy. You think of TC as your competition. Your head is swelled. Ownership change and reorganization could be a good thing for Free Range Longmont, but it might appear that FRL is going under. What’s really fun here is to see TC moderators remove your comments. Perhaps they understand that you can’t really be too annoyed, since that is precisely your job function at FRL – quashing free speech.

FRL – Actually, I think of the TC as a symptom of a disease that was killing this town. Happy to say it seems to be abating. My head may be swelled, but it’s with pride – because I’ve nettled cowardly little pricks like you, who skulk around behind masks and wouldn’t know a civil discussion if one bit them on the ass. Yes, it might appear FRL is going under, if you’re smoking eight or nine stogies a day and guzzling Coronas. Seriously, get help. I’m sure it’s fun watching my comments get removed – your entire life is trying to silence others, being a raging narcissist. I’m not really annoyed, more amused at the funhouse foolishness of that so-called ‘news’ site.

Eleven minutes later… (Not_NORML must have had to look some words up)

5/25/15 11:44 AM – “And we see that you’re equally unimpressed by Judge LaBuda. It’s so clear to all that LaBuda is a skydiver and clearly should not have been assigned this case. No matter, you will find something that puts the judge’s decision in doubt. I know – She doesn’t live in Longmont!

FRL – I’m unimpressed with any judge that can’t understand ‘telegraphing’ a punch. The visits to homes should have been done without announcement. Bad call.

Eleven more minutes. Someone is really pissed, they keep adding to their little rant.

5/25/15 11:55 AM – So you admit that you like taking pictures of kids, and a rather good looking woman dressed in a tight outfit turns you off. Yes, it is your right …

Duh. What grandparent doesn’t like taking pictures of kids. Not sure what you’re implying? “…rather good looking…” Really? *shrug* Some people think this is cute. To each their own. Tight? *chuckle* I think ‘ill-fitting’ is the term you’re groping for. Yes, it  IS my RIGHT and you can bet your sweet bippy I’ll keep USING IT.

Eight minutes later – clearly still pissed off. So much for the Coronas.

5/25/15 12:03 PM – A list of the folks that FRL and Doog find as important contributors. It’s a long list and only a few photos. It’s pretty likely that that Doog doesn’t have a contribution relationship with them, he just lifts their writings for his web site. Important for this issue is that most of the FRL contributors do not live in Longmont. 

Thank you for pointing out our 125 contributors who are all listed by first and last name, unlike other ‘blogs’ that are basically a tiny cabal of hatemongers who hide behind masks and do nothing to raise the dialogue. There’s not a lot of pictures because not a lot of people use the Gravatar system which adds the image. Wow, what stunning ignorance of the web. If this is Stephanie Baum she just underlined her incompetence. As for ‘lifts’ (as in stolen?) nothing on FRL has been published without written permission and the overwhelming majority are written specifically for us. I do have a relationship with most of my writers. That last line is a lie, plain and simple, the large majority of FRL contributors are Longmonters who publish with us precisely because we don’t allow these kinds of attacks.


* You should own up to this.

** The Times-Call is finally starting to pay some attention but it’s still clearly not a priority.