Green Tortoise – Day 2

Another fine night, slept like a stone. The room’s incredibly quiet. Sitting in the ballroom (I’d still call it a refectory, but that’s just me) enjoying a couple of toasted bagels with marmelade and several cups of scorching-hot Earl Grey. Gotta love a place with no less than six choices of tea. The preponderance of English (Australian?) accents sort of explains that. If I’m a bit less pressed for time, I’ll interview some of the staff and post about them before I move on to Seattle.

What a day I had yesterday! Took 170+ photos as I walked along Fisherman’s Wharf to the cable car turntable, then rode to the top of Broadway and walked back down to the Tortoise. Lovely day and sunny. As per usual, I am a fool and didn’t wear sunscreen:


I’m thinking I need a nice octagonal hat… would make crossing the street quicker.

Also, at night I don’t need a flashlight… my face glows in the dark.

Off to Grace Cathedral to walk their Labyrinth and say another goodbye.

DJ’s picking me up there and we’ll be walking the Golden Gate bridge, then going north to Muir Woods.

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