T-Mobile Staff Incompetence

Incompetence at T-Mobile Metro PC (shocking, I know)

Being a guru, I get all the weird questions – and see some of the most amazingly-deep shadows.

We’re talkin’ stygian dark. A perfect storm on the stupid scale.

Some backstory: I’ve had a troubled past with T-Mobile. Mostly because I’m not (at all, can ya tell??) a ‘typical’ customer. I do things like… oh… complain when other people’s calls show up on my bill – and I have to proofread it for them. I charge for proofreading. They’re shysters and crooks in my opinion, so they enjoy stealing people’s time and wasting it.

So, after a year or so of being ripped off repeatedly, I decided to cut to the chase and pay the ransom (disconnect fee) to get the fuck off T-Mobile.

Whew. Finally, now I have a real carrier.

Then my pal got his first iPhone and sadly, in a vain attempt to save some dollars, bought it through T-Mobile.

The phone functioned as he traveled across the country to visit me, but odd things were happening, random hang-ups, trouble with the touch sensor button, etc.

Once he arrived and I could physically inspect the device we set about getting the touch sensor issue resolved.

T-Mobile Staff Incompetence
Protective plastic packaging left ON iPhone and then placed in Otter Box case; disabling touch sensor and causing user tons of grief.

I tried to contact T-Mobile to let them know that they guy they screwed over was now helping ANOTHER guy they screwed over.

No one answers after 6, how modern. feh

Well, rather than wait till 6 am tomorrow to waste more time, I thought I’d just write this up and stick it where they’d see it sooner or later. *jab*

This stupidity happened in the Rancho Cordova Metro PC, T-Mobile store and the Associate that pulled this ridiculous boner was named “Isaiah.”

Yo, Izzy, this fuckup was biblical.

Learn to do your job, your nerd points are summarily revoked.

Isaiah’s manager, did you even interview this knucklehead? Dude.

You’re the one that ought to be excoriated for this, but I know the game. Fire, wash, rinse, repeat, repeat, bank it. T-Mobile is a clown act of a carrier and should shut down already.

Your total fail on hiring and training is painfully obvious and you’re damn lucky nothing happened to my friend or it would be a very bad day in good ole shiny white Rancho Cordova.

As Fez would say “GOOD DAY SIR!!!!!!

*audible eye-roll and I’m out – thanks for listenin’ kids. *

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