Aurora Police Hassle Citizen

Aurora Police Hassle Dr on His Own Property

The officer in this video should be fired immediately.

His demeanor, behavior and comportment are completely out of line.

Makes me want to slap his face.

Justin Henderson – Aurora Police Department – “SHOW ME YOUR FUCKIN HANDS” << first thing he says. I’d have told him to fuck off and probably gotten shot for it. Asshole.

WITH GUN IN HAND, light right in his face. HOW ABOUT THIS ASSHOLE “AURORA POLICE. DON’T MOVE.” or some form of IDENTIFICATION you clown act.

FUCK YOU PIG. That’s what you ARE in this situation, a PIG. Waving your gun first.


I would have been dead in this situation.

Was it because the guy is a little swarthy? IS THAT IT?


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