Word Delight of the Day

Regularly I stumble across new words.

Here’s today’s tidbit that bit my tid in the best way.

octothorpe (#)

and here I’ve been calling it a ‘hash’ for decades. Silly me.

Bang, Splat, Octothorpe… hm. maybe the Unix kids have something there. (hi Jay Biddle)

Go read about it, you have your sources, I have mine.

Ok, ok, whiners…


  • reading that link I found that the character itself is a joke. $2 in petty cash to the first one that gets it.
  • what’s it describing and why are such pivotal to child care
  • Bonus points to the first one that can point out why OCTO *is* the proper Latin to begin, not NANO.
    • hint. connections

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