Long, Strange Trip

My journey with the Goddess began in my late teens when I was introduced to cannabis by friends and it became a part of my life. During the intervening years I’ve watched cannabis in society and opinions about it evolve steadily.

I’ve seen the cannabis industry  grow from its infancy to adolescence. Going from camouflaged grows under power lines to converted apartment stealth-grows and dozens of grow-at-home systems.

Now, in the age of legalization, the scale shift is dizzying.

One industrial grow in Denver that I worked at as a contract employee was a converted factory – well over a half million square feet. Floor after floor of grow rooms filled with space-age lighting and watering systems. Hundreds and hundreds of plants in each room. The trimming rooms were filled with large tables with dozens of workers preparing raw cannabis for the next step, drying/curing/extraction/etc.

What really struck me was the pace of the work – everyone worked hard, no slacking. Breaks were carefully controlled, everyone out and back in the allotted time. Shifts started early and latecomers were turned away. Show up on time or you don’t work.

To all the people who’ve told me that they consider cannabis users ‘lazy’ I offer this reply:

You’re full of crap.

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