AC Adapters

A friend of mine went to South America recently. He prudently went to a Boulder store to get a power connector adapter – and was promptly given the wrong thing by an ill-informed shopkeeper. So, upon reaching his destination, he ended up having to buy something that would work. Here’s photos of the adapters he needed:

These cost around $5 USD… the one’s recommended in Boulder – I think he said around $20. He took the bogus ones back and asked for a refund.

Double-check before you buy!

One thought on “AC Adapters

  1. I’m the person mislead by the travel store. They said the one on the left above was the right adapter for Chile and South America, but it definitely was not. It cost me $4 and change. The one on the right above is the correct adapter for Chile and Argentina and I found it in a big electronics store in downtown Santiago for about 40 cents.

    When I returned to the States and went back to the Boulder travel store they grudgingly returned my money but never once thanked me for the information about which adapter was correct for southern South America.

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