Marilyn Wray Memorial Program

Marilyn Wray Memorial Booklet (pdf 1.1Mb)

Landscape orientaion, two-sided, letter-size paper 8.5 in x 11 in.

Text contained in the booklet follows:


Marilyn Bonita Wray

June 16, 1951 – May 14, 2009

Marilyn Bonita Wray — June 16, 1951 – May 14, 2009

Memorial Services

6:45 am    Guests gather at 2339 Bowen St, Longmont
7:00 am    Procession departs for Conifer Hill / Camp Weedaho
8:00 am    Guests gather for service at Camp Weedaho
Music by Anthony Lee
Service will be read by James Harris
Moment of silent prayer / music
Reading by M. Douglas Wray
Invitation to others to speak
Lord’s Prayer led by James Harris
This service symbolizes: Marilyn’s birth and childhood

9:30 am    Procession continues to Endovalley Road, RMNP
This procession symbolizes: Our lives before meeting.
11:00 am    Guests gather at Endovalley Road first parking area.
Brief passages will be read by those continuing to the
Alpine Trail crest. Those wishing it will be given an
envelope containing cremains to scatter during walk.
This service symbolizes: Our marriage and life together
11:30 am    Guests not continuing to the top depart to walk
Endovalley Road to the picnic area.
The immediate family proceeds down Endovalley Road
to Fall River Road, acknowledging all those walking in
both directions. This symbolizes: Those come and gone
11:45 am    Procession begins ascent – brief stop at Chasm Falls.
Doug will cast ashes into the falls.
This symbolizes: Marilyn in the maelstrom of illness.
12:15 pm    Final procession group reaches Alpine Visitor Center
and begins stairway climb to crest. All participants will
scatter a small handfull of ashes into the wind.
This symbolizes: Marilyn’s death and ascent to heaven.
7:00 pm    Guests gather at 2339 Bowen St.
This symbolizes: The family of mankind.
8:00 pm    Candles will be provided for guests to light.
This symbolizes: Joy that Marilyn gave others.




Marilyn was a proud descendant of the oldest clan of Scotland – Robertson.

Their motto: Virtutis Gloria Merces translates as:
Glory is the reward of valour

She was my friend, my mate, my defender and my heart.

She carried the Cross and now wears the Crown.

The world dimmed when she left, so burn brightly my loved ones!

Burn Brightly!

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