Rescue squad

Working from home this week, trying to re-establish the rhythm of my life.

I have a photo of Marilyn above my home office desk and more than once I simply sat and looked at it. More than once I just sat and wept.

Feeling miserable, about to call for help I saw my friend Jim Harris pull up in his battered white Toyota pickup. I didn’t see his dog Cody, but he did have a passenger:


This is ‘Tag‘ and he’s an English Shepherd.


This unbridled bundle of joy was just what I needed to see. Life literally ‘springing up‘ – right into my face, licking me and biting at my beard. I literally laughed out loud and my heart rose up like a flower after a storm.

I hear you Didi. I hear you and see you everywhere.

Update – August 2nd, 2010

Tag mated with a dog at Conifer Hill (a Great Pyrenees / Anatolian Shepherd cross) and puppies resulted!

Tammi and Dozer - July 31, 2010
Tammi and Dozer – July 31, 2010. Dozer was born May 14th, the one-year anniversary of Marilyn’s death.

Here’s the one we adopted: Dozer

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