Notes from her desk

I’m combining Marilyn’s office with mine and was dissassembling her desk area – came across these notes up on the wall:

I will Not fear. God IS with me.

(added to one side) Overflowing with thankfulness

If you don’t worship God in the Wilderness, you won’t Praise or Worship Him in the Promised Land (Romans 11:36)

Be an encourager!

Pray for your enemies!

(a found list)

  1. Seek to (do) Good
  2. Repay evil with Good
  3. Enjoy the journey
  4. Love is a choice
  5. Forgiveness heals Us. Me.
  6. Walking Faith and God will bring blessings twofold.

BE a Christian

She was always working on her faith.

Miss you Didi.

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