Marilyn Wray Memorial

Memorial Ceremony – June 14, 2009

This is an extremely informal set of small ceremonies. We are planning to have music (provided by Mr. Anthony Lee). Dress any way you please – I recommend comfortable hiking clothes. Bring at least one bottle of water and a hat to keep the sun off. If you come to the Weedaho ceremony, it’s in the woods on a dirt road. Please plan accordingly.

First Scattering of Ashes – Camp Weedaho site

8:00 am

Guests are asked to congregate at 2339 Bowen St in Longmont shortly before 7:00 am to car pool to limit the size of the procession since there is extremely limited parking/turnaround space. Only immediate family can park directly adjacent to the scattering site, others are asked to park on the main Conifer Hill Road loop and walk up (5-10 min walk) Please park with discretion and do not block the access roads. Conifer Hill families Harris and Akia will assist with directing participants.

The carpools will be led in a procession up Rt. 7.

Please note: this is private land and we only lease a small portion of it. Your discretion and respectful driving is requested in consideration of the permanent residents. Camp Weedaho is reached via a basic-service dirt road. Heavily-loaded sedans are not encouraged and 4WD/high-clearance is recommended. If you don’t feel comfortable with some steep mountain woods driving, please attend the second memorial.

Second Scattering of Ashes – Endovalley Road, RMNP

Time 11:00 am

Guests are requested to congregate at the first Endovalley Road parking site (before the Alluvial fan waterfall – map). A brief ceremony will be held and instructions given to participants. After the ceremony guests are invited to walk to the base of Fall River Road, approximately two miles on an asphalt-surfaced road with a few small hills. It’s a lovely walk with some great views, I encourage you to stop and simply listen periodically. The final procession group of Marilyn’s closest friends will proceed by vehicle up Fall River Road to the Alpine Visitor Center, stopping briefly to observe a moment of silence at Chasm Falls and then proceeding to the top of the Alpine Ridge Trail for a final moment of silence at the top of the Great Divide. This last stop is quite strenuous and not recommended for all as it is high altitude.

Reception – Chez Wray, Longmont

2339 Bowen St, Longmont
7:00 pm

The door will be open. You are invited to stop in and pay your respects. Stay as late as you wish.

14 thoughts on “Marilyn Wray Memorial

  1. Doug – news from Longmont never slow reaching us here. Our thoughts are with you and your family. We bid peace to your hearts.

    1. Thank you Karen. Please pass the word through any of her friends that you know. I’m struggling my way through her address list and delivering the news one by one. Sadness.

  2. Doug, since last night so many thoughts and feelings are racing through my head and heart. I struggle with which ones to burden you with. First of all, we love Marilyn, and although I doubt any of of told her directly, I hope it showed in small ways. I so appreciate her open heart. She is one of the most giving caring souls I have ever met. In some ways she reminds me of a child with her honestly, and joy in little things. I will always remember how she grieved with me when our dog, Tashi, died. It was so genuine. She enjoyed the kittens we foster with us and I would always look forward to telling her about the new “batch” for her to visit. She would bless me with wonderful produce from your garden. She always had wonderful and creative gifts for all us, which humble me with their thoughtfulness, everything from handmade treasures she would sew, to the wonderful photo CD. (continued)

  3. One of the best gifts she gave my family was her care for Alyson and Tamara. I always felt completely safe and relaxed when they were in her care. I very rarely feel that way. I wish I had told her what a gift that was to me.
    Another special gift was her total and unconditional acceptance of me, with all my quirks, and my crazy hectic stressed out life. I never felt judged by Marilyn, only support.
    I also want to thank you for your friendship and the grace of your phone call last night. I am in awe of your grace. I took to heart your wish fo me to take a “Marilyn Day” with my family. It was a small start, but this morning we did a walk/fundraiser as a family, in Marilyn’s name to benefit the Longmont Humane Society. It was suppose to be only me and maybe Aly, but when I shared your wish we decided to do it together as a family to honor Marilyn. We’re thinking of you.

  4. Dear Doug,

    While I only had one brief visit with Marilyn, I was so very pleased to make her accquaintance. She was a lovely hostess, and told sweet stories about your cats. What a patient wife to let a strange woman borrow her charming husband for a long, intensive training session at the computer.

    I’m so very sorry that we never got around to the walk through the Loveland sculpture garden that we’d talked about. Through your words andthe messages of your friends, I think I missed a great opportunity to know a very special person.

    I am thinking of you and sending you wishes of love and healing.

  5. Doug
    Just received word. I am so sorry for your loss.
    You warmed my heart many years ago when you
    shared beautiful photos of Marilyn on vacation. Your love
    for one another was an inspiration. Remain strong
    and hopeful!
    G. Mike

  6. Dear Doug,

    Wanda, Emily, and I will miss Marilyn profoundly. I’ll always remember the passion showed for children and young people, through her work at KidZone and the work we did together (well, she did most of it) on trying to start a Lyons Boys and Girls Club.

    All of our love,
    Wanda, Emily, and Eric

  7. Doug,

    I’ve waited to post a comment with the knowledge that I didn’t know Marilyn, but I have known your friendship and kindness. You have been there as a friend to me and a helper. Thank you for all you have done. This is really to tell you that I could never repay your generosity of time and assistance in my blogging, but all my heartfelt sorrow at your loss is with you since learning of the news of your wife’s death. If thoughts were healing there would be no pain in your life at this moment.


  8. Hi Doug,
    I met Marilyn when we had an event at Dolan’s and what struck me was her sense of humor and self. I couldn’t believe that there was a female Doug Wray out there and you had found her! We are all thinking of you and admire your courage, tenacity, and ability to share your emotions.

  9. W.H.Auden said it best:
    (s)he was my North, my South, my East and West,
    My working week and my Sunday rest,
    My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song

    To NOT share my heart would be a desecration of the gift she gave me.

    Thank you for recognizing how much my compliment she was and being so supportive as I walk this rocky path. God sees you Victoria and we both love you.

  10. Dear Doug,
    I just now learned about your heart-breaking loss of Marilyn. I am so sorry. My thoughts and prayers will be with you as you begin the journey of getting through the next few days.

  11. Thanks Shirley. It’s good to have so many folks supporting me. Say a little prayer for me that God will send me another angel.

  12. Dear Doug, What a difficult time this must be for you. I am glad to read of the support you are receiving from many friends. I’m wondering if you know about the Hospice Grief support groups. I found those groups to be immeasurably helpful. I will honor your request to ask God to send you another angel. I’m sure there will be one for you when the time is right. With deepest sympathy, Shirley

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