A Spread of Bloggers

Here I’d been hoping for something along the lines of ‘A Murder of Crows’ like… maybe… “An Intrigue of Bloggers” (oooh… that makes ya kinda tingle, dunnit?) or something at least a little romantic…

oh no…

Bernie Lincicome at I want my Rocky, in “I’ll get the hang of this blogging; just let me hitch up my sweatpants first” comes out with these:

I witnessed a collection of bloggers (what would that be, a pride of lions, a gaggle of geese, a barrel of bloggers?) at the Democratic Convention in Denver, and, to be honest, many of them appeared quite human, even in their sweat pants.

Now, my dear friend DJ Cline often opined that one of his favorite things about working remote was: “No Pants” so this sounds pretty accurate.

They had their own lunchroom, with a spread of coldcuts (ah, that’s it, a spread of bloggers) pastries and utensils, not many of which were used.

A ‘spread‘ of bloggers? Now I guess I really am chopped liver (but I love chopped liver… dammit!)

Wait. I have it. A tiding of bloggers. Very distinctive and usually applied to magpies. A perfect fit come to that. Like magpies, incessant noise but without intelligence. Yes. Tiding of bloggers it is.

OUCH. Dude.

At the Super Bowl, during Media Day, where freaks and self-promoters are encouraged, I thought about hanging a sign around my neck that said, “Will Blog For Food.”

I can’t really be angry at someone I think is calling me a freak since he’s now starting into the adventure I survived less than two years ago: eighteen months of desperate unemployment. Dude, I -did- ‘blog for food’ and self-promoted for all I was worth – I built websites, I fixed people’s computers and taught. (Sorry if I keep calling you ‘dude’, I’m kinda buried in the whole ‘sweat pants’ thing. But to be honest – that’s exactly what I’m wearing at this moment, so point given and taken).

I think there IS money in blogging. The folks at Examiner.com think so and appear to be making it work – according to Guy Asakawa, speaking at the recent WordCamp Denver. I’d support pay-for-premium content. I tried the Post’s electronic edition and it stank. Do something better (you’ve got a heckuva start!) and I’ll buy it and encourage others to also.

So… here I sit, trying to imagine Bernie in sweatpants.

Hm. (blinks several times as if in pain)

Welcome to the blogsphere Mr. Lincicome, keep those sweatpants hitched up. (please)

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