iPod Juice

Just got a replacement battery for my iPod Mini (kindly given to me by my pal DJ Cline some time ago) from iPod Juice. The installation is fairly simple – provided you follow the (lovely, full-color glossy) instructions to the letter.

Even being careful I managed to narf one of the little ‘teeth‘ they warn you about. ‘Slow‘ and ‘firm‘ are your watchwords. Don’t hurry and do not use ‘gorilla-strength’ at any point. One false move and you have an expensive paperweight, albeit with a brand-spankin new battery.

Read the instructions all the way through and study the (excellent) photos carefully – they’re very helpful.

$36 (roughly) was all it cost to restore my vintage iPod Mini to proper multi-hour ear-shattering condition.

Thank you Mr. Cline. (and Mr. Echternacht for the assist).

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