Colonel Alan E. Goldsmith

Alan E. Goldsmith 2008

Colonel Alan E. Goldsmith

Resident of Walnut Creek

Colonel Alan E. Goldsmith, U.S. Air Force, Ret., 85, died December 22nd, 2008 in Walnut Creek, California. Enlisted as an Aviation cadet in 1942, proudly served in combat in the U.S. Air Force (and predecessors) during three wars (WWII, Korea and Vietnam), also battled (honorably and ethically – no honorariums, gratuities, fund raisers or PACs) the Congress during two Pentagon tours, and retired in 1973 after over thirty years active duty in England, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and other parts of the world (with occasional tours in the U.S.). Flew over 5600 hours in open-cockpit trainers, Bombers (B-17 and B-25), Transports (C-46, C-47, C-54, C-118), Fighters (P-61, F-82 and some jets), and other aircraft types, at speeds from Mach 0.2 to Mach 1.2.

After his Air Force career, he worked in management and management consulting, dabbling in computers and professional video photography, after discovering it was impossible to make a decent living sandbagging on various golf courses.

Eternally proud and grateful for the love, devotion, confidence and unwavering support of his wife and best friend, Katsue, who survives him. Also survived by a number of sons and daughters, their various spouses, and many grandchildren, nieces and nephews, a few good friends, some great physicians, attorneys, accountants – and the IRS. He lived a wonderful adventure and left with no regrets and one thought: “we’re all terminal so do some good for others along the way.”

8 thoughts on “Colonel Alan E. Goldsmith

  1. Great-Grandpa,
    i love you very much!I hope you are having fun flying your Air Force planes.I dont know what im going to do without you.I will always have the picture of you and i,when i was little.Im never going to forget you!
    I love you very much!

  2. Grandpa,
    I will miss you so much. You were a great man and a GREAT grandpa. You always new how to make us laugh even when you were at your worst. I will always love you and miss you.Please watch over us. I so glad you got to know your GREAT Granddaughters.To bad you didnt make it to meet your 1st great grandson that is due in FEB but I really dont think it will be Feb.I say JAN.

    God saw you getting tired and relief
    was not to be.
    So He put his arms around you and whispered, “Come with me.”
    With tearful eyes we watched you suffer and saw you fade away.
    Although we couldn’t bare to lose you, we could not ask you to stay.
    A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands laid to rest.
    God broke our hearts to prove to us he only takes the best.

  3. Dad, I miss you so much. My world is empty with out your laughter but you will always be in my heart. You are the best father ever and I hope you are enjoying your wings…you always loved to fly.
    your loving daughter michele (SISSY)

  4. Dear Michelle and family, I am sadden by the loss of your dad. It is wonderful that you have many memories of him and his lifes adventures. Those are lifes truest treasures, having all those wonderful memories. Now your dad can soar the heavens and watch over all of his loved ones.

  5. I was on the crew with Al in WW II. We were young and had a lot of fun as well as a few tense moments over Germany. I am sorry I only ran in to him once after we left England.
    He was atrue friend and I am sure he is being missed.

    My condolences to all his family.

  6. My heart hurts for my dear friend, Katsue. I know how much her Al meant to her. I so enjoyed spending time with both and loved getting his e-mails, even when he corrected me! (which was often). I hope that you are still dancing “Miss Kat”…Keep Aloha in your heart. “A hui ho…Me ke Aloha” (til we meet again, with love)ShaRan

  7. Great-Grandpa,
    I love you so much! I think about you every day. I dont ever forget about you. I miss you so much!We know you are with us, so stay with us. Riley, your greatgrandson is 10 months now, almost 11 months. He is so big. He has two teeth now. He looks like me and grandma. I love you and we all miss you!
    Becka(your greatgranddaughter)

  8. Grandpa,
    This process preparing for college is so tough with out you. I recently visited Cal Berkeley and loved it– spent the whole day thinking of you. I still think I want to go there just like I always told you.
    Wish you could meet my boyfriend John. He reminds me so much of you; so inquisitive and technical. He wants to go into the Air Force. Grandma loves him so I think you would’ve too. And you two would’ve had hours of interesting convos just like you and I used to have.
    I miss you so much!
    Love you gramps :)
    Love your great granddaughter Samantha.

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