WordPress Intro

WordPress Intro

Static vs Dynamic

  • Purpose of database-driven sites.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of CMS.
  • Other Content Management Systems

Thinking Inside the Box

  • WordPress server requirements (PHP, MySQL)
  • Choosing a host.
  • Apache vs IIS servers.
  • Host Control Panels
  • Security, upgrading, user management (roles), spam.

Primacy vs Legacy

  • Building WordPress up from scratch in the root directory.
  • Building WordPress in a subdirectory and redirecting on completion.
  • Building in a subdirectory and integrating with existing site.
  • Replacing a site, handling redirects

Theme vs Us

  • What’s in a theme?
  • Not all themes are created equal
  • Widgets?
  • Customizing / expanding a theme
  • Rebranding

The Famous 5-minute install

  • Precusor steps: set up database and database user
  • Get the source files from WordPress.org
  • Prepare the wp-config.php file
  • Upload (got FTP?)
  • Step 1 and you’re done
  • When it doesn’t go right

Now That It’s Running

  • Options:General – setting the basics
  • Options: Writing – Posts vs Pages
  • Options: Reading – Static Home Page vs Blog
  • Options: Discussion – Comments and Moderation
  • Permalinks – What and Why
  • Presentation – Basic Widget Setup

Your First Post (or Page)

  • Definition of Post vs Page – why
  • Categories vs Parent Pages
  • Profile choice – Visual vs Code editor
  • TinyMCE – Meet your editor
  • Discussion
  • Password
  • Slugs and other tasty things
  • Post/Page Status
  • Timestamp
  • Author

Plug it in, plug it in

  • What’s a plug-in?
  • Pros and Cons.
  • Care and feeding.
  • When plug-ins go bad.
  • Happy plug-in family.
  • Plug-ins and their widgets.
  • A few of my favorites – and why.

Q & A

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