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Cat Skeleton 2

Cat Skeleton 1*

This post is dedicated to my friends Marty and DJ, who just recently lost a dearly-beloved friend of the species Felis silvestris catus

After discovering their friend was in renal failure, they chose the hard path and gave him a swift and painless end, chosing not to hoard their enjoyment of him, but rather to spare him an agonizingly painful death.

Would that more pet owners realize that they are responsible not just for the quality of their pet’s life, but also their death.

I hope I have a friend willing to do the same for me one day for that day is surely coming.

Enjoy your pet’s time in the Light, it’s brief – for all of us.

* I forget where I got the skeleton images, some veterinarian training website, apologies to the author, happy to attribute or remove if you ask.

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