It’s hilarious to watch the GOP in CO fragment and the various far-right factions of wingnuttery begin to consume one another.

Apparently tha luv is gone between Bob Newman and John Andrews.

It’s so sad to see love gone bad.

Well, I suppose it’s not so bad, ‘gunny’* can find someone else to fill his ‘sack’ (get it? gunny… sack…?)(sorry, but it needed said).

As for Mr. Andrews… well… maybe he can make some time with that nice lady he debates with on Ch. 12. That is, assuming he’s into being a ‘bottom‘ and enjoys savage crotch-kicking. Now that would be “must-see TV.”

* An Anglo-Indian term for a coarse fabric, often used to make sacks, derived from goney, from Hindi goni, from Sanskrit goni (“sack”).

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